P-192-LBS Snake Cube Level Box solution blue cube

Instructions and solution of the Snake Cube 3x3x3 blue of the snake cube level box

snake cube level box snake cube blue wooden puzzleSnake Cube Level Box solve the blue level again make a real cube 3x3x3 from the cube snake with solution here ....

The Snake Cube Blue, the Level Box, with 6 different heavy snake cubes, in 6 colors set, comes in an attractive handmade box made of Samanea wood. All of the snake cubes, which have been made from Monkey Pod wood, have the same goal, from 27 small cubes, to get the original 3x3x3 cube, by rotating the dice snake together. snake cube level box in blue snake cube wooden puzzle

All dice, the Snake Cube Level Box, have a different configuration, which makes them difficult to solve. The blue cube looks in the snake version as shown in the photo on the left. This is a perfect gift for all ages, in different levels of difficulty, for children, from the tricky young puzzler, to an experienced strategist who can fight through all 6 levels of the Snake Cubes!

Open the Snake Cube puzzle and draw the dice to the snake, then try to shape a dice, from the snake cube. There are over 100,000 possibilities and it is not easy to find the solution. If it is not for you, the solution sheet will help you. If the instructions of the wooden puzzle is not enough you can find here the complete solution again in a better representation. In the following, there is the resolution like you from the cube snake again Snake Cube bring together.

snake cube level blue line up blue snake cubeFirst you should get an overview what end of the Snake Cube is the beginning and what is the end of the snake cube. Then look at the second photo and try to adjust the position of the cubes in the cubes. If everything matches, you can solve the next step of the wooden puzzle. If the Snake Cube is not designed as in the photos, you have to go back a step or 2 if necessary to find the solution, the Snake Cube Puzzle.

solution snake cube level box step 2 blue snake cubesolution snake cube level box step 3 blue snake cube


The snake cube consists of a chain of 27 individual cubes. The cubes are joined by a rubber band running in the middle. They form different groups of two or three in an arrangement showing the photo. The objective of the puzzle is to place the cube chain so that a 3x3x3 cube is created. If you have the two photos with your Snake Cube after make can then continue with the next 2 photos of the instructions to the Snake Cube of the level box.

solution snake cube level box step 4 blue snake cube solution snake cube level box step 4 blue snake cube

Again, we are a few steps further with the solution of the SnakeCube in blue from the Snake Cube Level Box. You have done everything and turned the dice snake a bit into a die? Because if only one cube is not in the right place, it does not work out at the end. If you have 4 dice in a row, you are on the wooden path and will not get the dice snake to a Snake Cube.

solution snake cube level box step 6 blue snake cubesolution snake cube level box step 7 blue snake cube

Should everything have worked as in our photos to the solution to solve the Snake Cube blue of the level box, then he should now look like this again. In the case of the Snake Cube does not have the form 3x3x3, you should look at where you made the mistake. The solution for the blue Snake Cube of the level box you have exactly before you.

solution snake cube level box step 8 blue snake cubesolution snake cube level box step 9 blue snake cube

We have in the Snake Cube Level box yet another 5 snake cubes which have pulled apart a different arrangement and therefore also have to be differently jiggled together. Each puzzle in the Samanea wooden box is differently heavy and it is a great challenge for everyone to solve the 6 levels of Snake Cubes.

snake cube level box from Samanea wood gift box collection wooden snake cubes

If you have the entire collection of the 6 levels of the Snake Cube Level Box as a wooden puzzle, then try all Snake Cubes and try to solve them alone. If you do not get all the snake cubes back together to a dice, there are our instructions and suggested solutions for how to solve our puzzle in every game and puzzle with. If the solutions are not enough to solve the Snake Cube puzzle then use our instructions and solutions on our website, like this one here. Have fun with the wooden puzzle in 2D and 3D. If necessary, you can order the individual Snake Cubes of the Level Box individually or you can put the whole collection of the 6 variations of the 6 Level Box and possibly start your wooden puzzle collection.



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