Shipping information and shipping costs for Germany, Europe and the world Shipping InformationSimply order online and have it conveniently delivered to your home. At you can have your parcel conveniently delivered to your home or to a desired address. We will of course process your order immediately upon receipt ...


As a consumer, you can have your parcel delivered conveniently to your home or to a desired address at Your order will of course be processed immediately upon receipt, but at the latest on the next working day after the order. When processing the delivery, only the delivery address specified in the order is decisive.

You will receive a shipping notification by email as soon as your package leaves our house with a DHL tracking number. With the given tracking number, you can track your parcel until delivery. will ship your parcel free of charge from an order value of 51 euros within Germany.

If a delivery to you is not possible because no one was available at the specified address, you will receive a written delivery notification from DHL. If the delivery partner cannot deliver the package three times, the package is returned to us.


Delivery times

The purchased items will be dispatched within 1-2 working days after receipt of payment. The order is delivered to Germany within 2 - 3 working days. Goods shipments to Europe will be delivered within 3-7 working days after ordering. Orders to countries outside Europe have to expect a delivery time of 5 - 30 working days. If you pay with prepayment, the delivery time applies from the time you receive your payment. There is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays and we do not process any orders. If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will try to send the goods in one shipment. If the difference is too far apart, we would contact you and arrange a partial delivery.


Shipping costs * for consumers in Germany

free of charge within Germany from an order value of € 51.00

   4.50 €    up to     2 kg within Germany
   6.00 €    up to     5 kg within Germany
   9.00 €    up to   10 kg within Germany
 16.50 €    up to   31 kg within Germany


Shipping costs * for consumers in Europe

free of charge within Europe from an order value of € 100.00

14.50 €    up to     2 kg within Europe
16.50 €    up to     5 kg within Europe
22.00 €    up to   10 kg within Europe
32.00 €    up to   20 kg within Europe
42.00 €    up to   30 kg within Europe


Shipping costs * for consumers outside Europe

42,00 €     up to    5 kg outside of Europe

* all costs incl. value added tax


Delivery costs for companies and large customers

The delivery costs for companies that order larger quantities in wholesale are calculated according to weight and volume. It has to be decided in individual cases whether a freight forwarder has to be used or a parcel service can deliver the goods. Delivery with DHL is possible up to a maximum of 31 kg per package. The type of delivery is agreed with the ordering company, which also bears the costs of the delivery. When we billing the order, the delivery costs are then shown separately on the invoice.


Delivery times for items that are not in stock

Basically we strive to always deliver immediately, the order will reach you within 2-3 days, in Germany. Nevertheless, there may be longer delivery times for some items. Information about delivery times for items that are not in stock are always non-binding and may take up to 1-3 months. Claims for damages from allegedly late delivery are excluded.


Delivery periods Force Majeure

Force majeure and unforeseen obstacles such as Business disruptions, delays in procurement, transportation, or other delays that are not our fault require a reasonable extension of the delivery time, even if they occur not at the seller himself, but at his supplier. The buyer cannot make any claims for damages due to the delay caused by this. We strive to deliver all items promptly and to produce them if there is greater demand, but there may be longer delivery times for some items. In these cases, you will be notified in writing, by email or by telephone.

In principle, however, the availability for all items in stock applies while stocks last. The delivery is quick and insured shipping with DHL. Any necessary subsequent deliveries are of course free of postage and shipping costs.



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