G-001 Racing Horses dice wooden game instructions

Horse Racing Game Instructions Wooden Game Dice Game Horse Racing, a popular dice game for kids. 2 players try by dice to bring the horses in the goal. But how? On the racetrack the horses can run into the ditch and are lost .....

Game rule for the horse race

The dice game horse racing is very easy and therefore very suitable for children. With a playing time of about 15 minutes, you can also delight young children with this game. Simply counting and recognizing numbers and then setting the number of cubes will bring each child closer to the amount and math. First, each player selects a color and a track for the race. Then the pieces are distributed and put into 6 holes of the starting position. Now the game can start.

Horse Racing Wooden game with dice for 2 persons

Game start

The youngest player starts to roll the dice and immediately places his rolled number with his first horse on his way towards the finish. The first horse is placed in the hole, with the number rolled, hoping that it will stand and not fall into the ditch. Because some holes are drilled through and at these points on the track it is possible that one can lose his horse already at the first attempt. Then the two-player player rolls the dice and sets his rolled-up number with his color on his path and hopes that he will not run into the ditch with his horse. Then the first player with dice turn and continue with his horse towards the finish. Dan rolls the second player and so on ...

Game situation of the game rule for the dice game Horse Racing

Goal of the game Horse Racing

The goal is to reach the last common field on the racetrack with a horse. Because of the fact that at any time a horse can run into the ditch and you have to start anew and take a new horse, the game is a bit difficult to win. Each player may only have one horse on the track and should this fall into the ditch, he may bring another horse into the race. If a player has lost all 6 horses the player who owns at least one horse has won. The player who first enters the last field of the course with a horse, one has to reach the playing field directly with his horse with one number, has won.

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If your guide or game rule, which you got with the game, has been lost, here you can download it again or print it out as a PDF.

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