Tock Tock Game game instructions for 4 player G-008-S

Tock, Tac, Dog Game or Dog Game made of wood Game situation for game rules Game Instructions Brändi DogTock Tock  game is played by 2 to 6 persons, who play in teams against each other. Always 2 players form a team, sit diagonally opposite and play together ...

In Tock Tock Game, for 4 players, always 2 players play together as a team (except by special rule for players with 2, 3 and or 5 players). Similar to the "Ludo" is in the TockTock game to bring your own characters from the start, a complete round on the field to the finish.

2x55 Cards the card set including 3 Joker for the Dog Game Tock or Tack

The Tock Tock Game is played with cards, the card set "Romme, Canasta, Bridge", consisting of 2 sets of 55 cards including 3 Joker cards. These can in individual cases be divided into different moves. If you have good cards, use your cards wisely and skillfully play with your partner, you will win. However, joint voting and mutual betrayal of existing cards is prohibited throughout the game. Which team is the first to reach all 8 pieces in the goal has won. Now we come to the card game itself and the rules of the game.

Card set of 110 cards including Joker for the Dog game Tock or Tack amusement game

Much more exciting is the Tock Tock Game also because not only luck but above all tactics and strategy play an important role in the Tock Tac Game play. In the Tock Tock game you are supported by the partner and rather not thrown out but the opponents then you are thrown out so that this can earn an advantage and time gains. All playing figures are moved by playing the cards, by the different value, around the wooden board. It is not possible to win as a single player. If a player has all his own pieces at the finish, he helps his partner to get his pieces to the finish. Only when all eight pieces, 4 per player, of a team are in the finish, the team has won. So exciting until the last second.

Spielstart Tock Tock

Tock Tock Dog Game Starting position of the entertainment game Dog Game

Two people sit diagonally opposite each other, they play together and are a team (team 1 is red and yellow, team 2 is blue and green). Each player has his four pieces behind the start position in the house (see photo left). A player is determined who distributes the cards until the end of the game, this player is the "distributor". All 110 cards are shuffled together, then the distributor dispenses the cards counterclockwise as follows:

1st round 6 cards per player
2nd round 5 cards per player
3rd round 4 cards per player
4th round 3 cards per player
5th round 2 cards per player
Then the cards are dealt again as in the beginning with 6 cards, then 5, then 4, and 3, and 2, again 6, and 5, etc.

The players pick up all dealt cards, but do not show them to the game partner. In each round the partners exchange one card face down. The cards, which are exchanged, should enable clever game moves. If your partner If you have any characters in front of the starting position, in the house, help him with a KING, ASS or JOKER in the game. The team counts! Thus, you can sometimes give a good high card, such as king or ace or Jocker, the game partner to then win as a team.


Tock Tock Dog Game wooden game board with playing cards

The person sitting to the right of the "distributor" starts the game. The player places a card face-up in the middle of the field and moves the character forward on the board according to the card value. With the cards Ace, King or Jocker you come with a character to the starting position in front of your house. The pawn brought into the game with a king, ace, or the jocker blocks the passage for all (including your own) tokens. This character, in the starting position, is also protected and can not be kicked out. The player is moved from the start position to the next card when the player's turn again. This is followed by the next player with his turn, etc. The round is over when all players have dealt all the cards. If a player can no longer move because their card values ​​do not allow them to move, they will be eliminated for that turn. His card expires and is deposited in the middle. The start of the game moves from one person to the next counterclockwise after each round.

Expelled when playing pieces arrive on the same playing field

If two players bet on the same playing field when placing their own game piece, the one that was there first will be put back in the same playing field. If a token comes to a starting field once more on the way to the goal, this character does not block the passage and can be kicked out and put into the house. Chess pieces already in the goal can not be kicked out anymore.

If a character, even his own, is overtaken by a "whole or split SEVEN", she returns to the house, behind the starting position. Chess pieces that have been kicked out of the house can not be overtaken because they block the Start position and do not let anyone through. (Blockade). Otherwise overtaking is allowed.


Exchanging is mandatory when putting a Jack

With a Jack your own character with a character must be exchanged by the opponent or partner, even if that is a disadvantage for yourself. Checkers that are on their own start, finish or in the house for the first time may not be exchanged. If only their own marbles are on their way and they have no other move, the Jack can be played without effect at the end.

Each card must be drawn

Each card must be played and the card value set. The pressure to move has the consequence that under certain circumstances disadvantageous steps must be taken. Do you need, for example, for the finish, a FIVE, but your next card is a SIX, that means that this marble must make a lap of honor.

Enema into the goal with a character

In order to reach the finish, your own start must be touched at least twice, forwards or backwards. The goal must always be entered forward over the start. Skipping and putting backwards in the finish is not allowed. It is filled from the inside to the outside, which means that the first character has to be brought to the end of the goal. The SEVEN card is particularly useful for the finish, because the SEVEN can be divided into any individual values and thus allows individual steps.

1st move: Start with an ASS, KING or JOKER.
2nd train: Drive backwards with a FOUR.
3rd move: Finish with a FIVE, SIX, SEVEN or EIGHT finish.


Tock Tock Dog Game made of wood which is also called Tack Tock or Dog Game

If the player stands one to four squares after the starting position, it is worthwhile to reset with the FOUR. On the next train, you will come forward or over the start directly to the finish, which saves a complete lap. If a player has all the pieces in the goal, he helps his playing partner. (One SEVEN can be split to bring the last of your own marbles to the finish, and then the remaining unused points can be used with a partner's marble.) The player without marbles will continue to receive cards and place them with the team player's pieces , Now the team is really playing together for the win. Especially in the final phase, thinking ahead of both partners is very important. Not all cards need to be used to get the last marble of a game to the finish. The last card used must be fully set. Therefore, it can happen that the last player must make several rounds of honor until the score finally rises.

Without teams in the special rule for 2, 3 and 5 players

For the described rules there are the following changes or additions.

  • Each player plays with 4 pieces. Three game pieces are placed in the house and a game piece immediately on the starting position in front of the house.
  • Card Exchange: At the beginning of the turn, each player pushes a card of his choice face down to his right neighbor.
  • With the SEVEN can be set with all the marbles on the board and thrown out. This can resolve a blockade on the start field.
  • The TWO can either be normal or draw an opponent's card. The TWO is then placed in the middle with no effect, and the game goes to the next player. As a result, there are players with more and other players with fewer moves because fewer cards are on hand.
  • The winner is the player who is the first player to finish his 4 pieces as we do not play in teams.



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